Thursday, 23 June 2016

A tangential challenge! Ensuring I got to mark my X in the EU referendum ...

I am continuing with the theme of challenges, well, loosely!!!

Today, I actually managed to achieve my challenge for the day ... getting to the polling station before closing!!!  Here in the UK we are voting on whether or not to remain part of the European Union and I wanted to make sure I used my voice.

I know that getting to a polling station and marking an X on the ballot paper sounds straightforward, or at least relatively so.  However, chaos has a habit of winning out when I am out with my two boys and especially if we are negotiating something that is new to them.  I did consider going to the polling station with them in tow but in my mind's eye, I could see the eldest running wild, the youngest screeching and me wanting to hide out in the voting booth without coming out!!!

My lovely boys struggle with emotional regulation in novel situations, a common difficulty in adoption.  And I struggle with the "looks" I get!!!  For the those who have not been spared such looks, I am sure I need not say anymore!!!  For those who have been spared, these looks are laden with meaning and it almost seems as if I can actually hear them whispering ... "that woman really should learn some parenting skills" or "oh, I am glad my children aren't in the same class as hers" or "oh my, parents these days, they really don't know how to say no". 

I think growing a much thicker skin should be one of the requirements listed for all potential adopters!!!  I sure wish mine was a few extra mm than it is!!!

So how did I achieve my challenge?  With a plea to my Mum to come and watch the boys so I could go to the polling station alone!!!  However, going without the boys felt so very strange as, apart from when they are at school/nursery, such moments are rare!!! 

Going back to the voting, my vote is in and could be being counted at this very moment!  This time tomorrow, I will either be cheering or weeping and wailing!!!  The result will be in and we will have the answer to the question, to remain or not to remain, to leave or not to leave?

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