Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sleep deprived ... again!!!

My goal to get enough zzzzz's for tomorrow has been severely scuppered by my inability to head to bed at a reasonable hour!   I believe - or so an internet search has suggested - that I am suffering from what is called "sleep procrastination".  And the culprit  - or should that be culprits - is purported to be electrical devices and our inability to step away from them!!!  However, I think for me it's more a question of trying to desperately find time to just "be"!!! Or what you might call - for some reason I am hesitant to type the phrase - "me time"!  As the single parent of two very lively boys each with some additional challenges to add to the chaos, I find that I rarely get a moment to myself unless it's at stupid o clock!!!  So here I am posting at ... well, let's just let's say the wrong side of midnight!!!  Right now, I am feeling extremely relieved that I remembered to stock up on coffee ... !!!  A feat in itself having forgotten a few bits of shopping!!!  Chaos won out again when a small dose of organisation, i.e. a shopping list could have reduced it!!!  But there's always next time!!!  And, if I had a £1.00 for every time I had thought that, well, the finances would be a lot less challenged!!!

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