Saturday, 18 June 2016

An initial insight into living at the upper end of the chaos continuum!

Perhaps my first post was a somewhat strange way to begin a blog!!!  But right now, life seems to be heading quickly - rather too quickly for comfort - towards the upper end of the chaos continuum!!! Where do I even begin to try and put this into words?!  The fact my brain cells seem to be more or less permanently fried doesn't help.  Is this a common single parent phenomena or is it just me?  Any thoughts on this will be very gratefully received!!!

Back to the chaos!!!  The laundry seems to have mutated into some sort of life form and is creeping its way out of the laundry basket, the dry washing has become a backdrop to the living room, the dishwasher has started to spew out water at random so the dishes are stacking up, the apartment seems to have shrunk as the mess makes itself ever more at home and getting meals has become akin to climbing Mount Everest - who knew that making beans on toast could be such a challenge! 

This is just for starters!  I have yet to get to my personal Mission (almost) Impossible 1 - getting out of the house in the mornings and Mission (almost) Impossible 2 - extracting my eldest from school!!!  And then there's the small problem of squeezing work into the schedule!!!  But that's for another post as I don't think I am going to stand a chance of even coming close to managing the chaos tomorrow unless I get enough zzzzz's!

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