Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Just for starters! An intro to the challenges of being a single adoptive Mum ...

On my way to work today - during a rare moment when the ever present chaos had subsided just a little - I got to thinking about the challenges of being a single adoptive Mum.  My initial thought was that I could list these challenges and then write about tackling them one by one.   Oh my, how naïve was I?!  The list seemed to grow exponentially and that was within a seconds, let alone minutes!!!

Challenge 1:  The laundry!!!

I am convinced that the laundry breeds!  Having posted only yesterday that I had managed to tame it, how is it already managing to creep its way back out of the laundry basket?!  And will the living room ever be free of drying clothes?!!!  I have a feeling the answer is a resounding no given the wonderful British weather - that is to say, wet most of the time - and that a tumble drier is a dream away!!!

Challenge 2:  The grocery shopping

Why oh why are the cupboards always empty?  Possibly pure lack of organisation!!!  I have made many resolutions to address this from making a shopping list to doing a weekly grocery shop to shopping online (to name just a few!!!).  But have I managed to keep any of these?  The very simple answer is a a resounding no!!!  So, rather than reducing the chaos levels they escalate further and I find myself either running to the shops between leaving work and doing the school run or scrabbling in the cupboards ... !!! 

Challenge 3:  Paperwork

Pre children, I was wonderfully organised with every piece of paper filed away in its place!!!  Now my filing system is a big storage container which is becoming ever more full of papers randomly stuffed in!!!  If another person suggests I sort 5 pieces of paper per night, I think it will be me rather than my littlest having a tantrum.  At the end of most days, having fought hard to remain sane amidst all the chaos, I generally find myself sat almost comatose in front of the TV!!!  The thought of even looking at 1 piece of paper seems akin to an Artic expedition!!!

3 challenges so far with possibly infinity to go ... !!! 

To be continued ...

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