Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Stomach bugs, sleep deprivation & ever increasing chaos ...

I think life has just managed to push us that little bit further up the chaos continuum!!!  My good - although maybe somewhat naïve - intentions to combat my sleep procrastination and head for bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday night were well and truly squashed by a stomach bug worming its way into our family!!!  Just as I started to head for bed, I heard some strange and yet familiar sounds coming from my eldest's bedroom and ran to attempt to prevent what was, in reality, inevitable!  Any parents out there might have already guessed what happened next ... I walked in to find my son bent over, vomiting!  Joy of joys!  I can cope with many things but the v word is something that really does challenge me!!!  Needless to say that by the time I had sorted out both my son ... and the floor ..., I didn't make it to bed the right side of midnight!!!  Oh, and I also found myself having to become a little too acquainted with the toilet bowl - yes the bug got me too!!! 

If anyone out there knows any remedies for the odour that has been left behind (my apologies if I am now entering the TMI - Too Much Information - zone), then please pass them my way!!!  I have scrubbed with washing up liquid, Dettol, carpet cleaner and sprayed with Febreeze to no avail!.  Although, that said, my mother has assured me - several times - that there is no lingering odour!!!  Either she has a poor sense of smell, is tyring to be kind or I am having olfactory hallucinations ....!!!  Given the stress of living in permanent chaos, I am not ruling out the third option!

Thanks to the "pesky" (other more potent words have been considered but not felt to be appropriate!) bug and the 48 hour rule, my eldest and I have been in "quarantine" for the last couple of days!!!  For the uninitiated, the rule means that you can not return to school/work until a full 48 hours after the last time you were the victim of the v word!!!  However, to be honest its been a mini blessing in disguise!!!  Both my son and I felt pretty rotten on Day 1.  However, Day 2 has allowed us to have time together without the little one running riot!!!  Not only have I managed to tame the laundry (it might not be up to date but at least its no longer creeping out of the basket!), but I have also had time to make a model with my son and finger paint!  Who knew that egg boxes, paint, foil and sellotape were the building blocks of a spacecraft or that finger painting could enable both small people and artistically challenged ones to create "masterpieces"!!!

I have a corner of my eye fixed on the clock as I am writing this as I desperately need to crack my sleep procrastination.  Stomach bugs, lack of sleep and lively children do not mix well!!!  Plus ... I need to be on form for work ... although that said, I do find work an oasis of calm in my crazily chaotic life!!!  So its time to sign off ... and its off to sleep I go, hey ho, hey ho, hey ho!!!  I am not exactly sure why but ending with those hey hos just seemed so right!!!

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